Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India

Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India

India’s legal landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by technological advancements and a growing demand for accessible, efficient legal services. Startups in the legal sector are leveraging technology to democratize legal access, streamline processes, and offer innovative solutions. Here are the top 10 legal services startups making waves in India:

1. Vakilsearch

Services OfferedCompany registration, trademark registration, legal documentation, compliance services, legal advice.
Key FeaturesAutomated document creation, expert legal advice, user-friendly platform, transparent pricing.
Client BaseStartups, small businesses, individuals.
Technology UsedOnline platform for easy access, automated tools for document generation.

Vakilsearch-Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India

Overview: Founded by Hrishikesh Datar, Vakilsearch is a pioneer in online legal services in India. It offers a wide range of services including company registration, trademark registration, legal documentation, and compliance services.

Key Features: Automated document creation, legal advice, and a user-friendly platform have made Vakilsearch popular among startups and small businesses.

2. MyAdvo

Services OfferedLegal consultation, case management, lawyer-client matchmaking, various legal domains (civil, criminal, corporate, family law).
Key FeaturesNetwork of over 10,000 lawyers, transparent pricing, case tracking, customer support.
Client BaseIndividuals, businesses, organizations.
Technology UsedOnline platform, AI-powered lawyer matching, mobile app for easy access.

MyAdvo-Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India

Overview: MyAdvo connects clients with a network of over 10,000 lawyers across India. It provides legal assistance in various domains including civil, criminal, corporate, and family law.

Key Features: Transparent pricing, case tracking, and a strong emphasis on customer service make MyAdvo a preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking legal representation.

3. LawRato

Services OfferedLegal advice, lawyer consultation, representation in courts, legal documentation, various legal issues (property disputes, matrimonial matters, etc.).
Key FeaturesInstant consultation, lawyer-client matching algorithm, case management, user reviews.
Client BaseIndividuals seeking legal advice, businesses, startups.
Technology UsedOnline platform, mobile app, AI for lawyer recommendations.

LawRato-Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India

Overview: LawRato is a legal tech platform that connects users with lawyers for legal advice and representation. It covers a wide spectrum of legal issues ranging from property disputes to matrimonial matters.

Key Features: Instant consultation, online case management, and a robust lawyer-client matching algorithm are some of the standout features of LawRato.

4. LegalDesk

Services OfferedOnline legal document creation (rental agreements, wills, affidavits, etc.), e-signature integration, template customization, compliance with legal standards.
Key FeaturesUser-friendly interface, document customization, legal validity, e-signature support.
Client BaseIndividuals, businesses, startups, legal professionals.
Technology UsedAutomated document creation tools, online platform for document storage and management.

LegalDesk-Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India

Overview: LegalDesk specializes in online legal documentation services. It allows users to create customized legal documents such as rental agreements, wills, and affidavits using its platform.

Key Features: E-signature integration, template customization, and compliance with legal standards make LegalDesk a convenient solution for individuals and businesses needing legal documents.

5. SpotDraft

Services OfferedAI-powered contract creation, review, and management, contract analysis, reminders for key dates, integration with business tools.
Key FeaturesSmart contract technology, customizable templates, integration with popular business software.
Client BaseBusinesses of all sizes, legal departments, procurement teams.
Technology UsedArtificial intelligence for contract analysis, cloud-based platform, integration APIs.

SpotDraft-Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India

Overview: SpotDraft uses AI-powered tools to automate contract creation, review, and management. It caters to businesses of all sizes, helping them streamline their contract workflows.

Key Features: Smart contract analysis, reminders for key dates, and integration with popular business tools make SpotDraft a time-saving tool for legal and procurement teams.

6. LegalKart

Services OfferedLegal advisory, documentation, litigation support, personalized legal advice, various legal domains.
Key FeaturesExpert lawyer consultation, personalized legal solutions, accessibility, affordability, user-friendly platform.
Client BaseIndividuals, startups, SMEs, corporations.
Technology UsedOnline platform, AI for legal advice, secure document storage.

LegalKart-Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India

Overview: LegalKart offers a comprehensive range of legal services including advisory, documentation, and litigation support. It aims to simplify legal processes through its online platform.

Key Features: Expert lawyer consultation, personalized legal advice, and a focus on accessibility and affordability set LegalKart apart in the legal tech space.

7. InCourt

Services OfferedReal-time updates on court cases, legal news aggregation, judgments analysis, insights into judicial system.
Key FeaturesCase tracking, legal news updates, judicial insights, user-friendly interface.
Client BaseLegal professionals, journalists, researchers, individuals interested in legal developments.
Technology UsedWeb platform, mobile app, data analytics for legal insights.

InCourt-Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India

Overview: InCourt is a legal tech startup that provides real-time updates on court cases across India. It aggregates legal news and judgments, offering insights into the judicial system.

Key Features: Case tracking, legal news updates, and a user-friendly interface cater to lawyers, journalists, and anyone interested in legal developments.

8. Licit

Services OfferedLegal compliance, regulatory updates, industry-specific legal requirements, advisory services.
Key FeaturesCompliance alerts, regulatory updates, industry-specific legal advice, advisory services.
Client BaseBusinesses, corporations, legal departments, compliance officers.
Technology UsedAI for legal research, compliance monitoring tools, online platform for updates and alerts.

Licit-Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India

Overview: Licit focuses on legal compliance and regulatory updates for businesses. It provides tools to monitor changes in laws and regulations relevant to various industries.

Key Features: Compliance alerts, industry-specific updates, and advisory services help businesses stay compliant with evolving legal requirements.

9. Lawyered

Services OfferedNetworking events, legal workshops, lawyer consultations, legal solutions for startups and SMEs.
Key FeaturesNetworking opportunities, legal workshops, personalized legal solutions, startup focus.
Client BaseStartups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, business owners.
Technology UsedOnline platform for event management, networking, and legal consultations.

Lawyered-Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India 

Overview: Lawyered connects startups and SMEs with legal professionals for personalized legal services. It aims to bridge the gap between legal expertise and business needs.

Key Features: Networking events, legal workshops, and personalized legal solutions make Lawyered a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

10. Legistify

Services OfferedLawyer consultations, legal document drafting, legal research, various legal domains (civil, corporate, criminal law).
Key FeaturesTransparent pricing, expert legal advice, user-friendly interface, comprehensive legal services.
Client BaseIndividuals, businesses, startups, legal professionals.
Technology UsedOnline platform, AI for legal research, document management tools.

Legistify-Top 10 Legal Services Startups in India

Overview: Legistify offers a range of legal services including lawyer consultations, legal document drafting, and legal research. It caters to individuals, businesses, and startups.

Key Features: Transparent pricing, expert legal advice, and a user-friendly interface make Legistify a reliable choice for legal solutions in India.


These legal services startups are transforming the legal landscape in India by leveraging technology to enhance accessibility, efficiency, and affordability of legal services. Whether you’re a startup, a small business, or an individual looking for legal assistance, these platforms offer innovative solutions to meet your needs. As the legal tech industry continues to grow, these startups are likely to play a crucial role in shaping the future of legal services in India.

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