Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

Top 10 Mobility Startups in India are revolutionizing transportation with innovative solutions. This guide highlights promising companies transforming urban mobility with cutting-edge technologies. From electric vehicles to ride-sharing platforms, these startups tackle congestion and pollution while enhancing the commuting experience. Discover their unique business models, growth trajectories, and impact on India’s dynamic mobility landscape. Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or enthusiast, gain insights into the startups driving a smarter, more sustainable future in mobility. Explore how they’re leveraging technology to make commuting easier, safer, and more efficient for millions across India. Here, we highlight ten standout mobility startups that are reshaping how Indians move and travel.

1. Ola Cabs

Ola Cabs, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Bengaluru, is India’s leading ride-hailing company. It offers a wide range of transportation options, including cabs, auto-rickshaws, and bike taxis. Ola’s user-friendly app, multiple vehicle options, and focus on safety and convenience have made it a top choice for urban commuters.

ServicesRide-hailing, auto-rickshaws, bike taxis
Key FeaturesUser-friendly app, multiple vehicle options, safety features
Ola Cabs – Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

2. Uber India

Uber, established in India in 2013 and headquartered in Mumbai, offers a wide range of ride-hailing services, including cars, bikes, and auto-rickshaws. Uber’s technology-driven platform ensures efficient rides, transparent pricing, and various safety features, catering to the diverse needs of Indian commuters.

Founded2013 (India)
ServicesRide-hailing, bike taxis, auto-rickshaws
Key FeaturesTechnology-driven platform, transparent pricing, safety features
Uber India – Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

3. Rapido

Rapido, founded in 2015 in Bengaluru, is India’s largest bike-taxi service. It offers a convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation for short distances. Rapido’s easy-to-use app, quick rides, and affordability make it a popular choice among daily commuters.

ServicesBike taxis
Key FeaturesEasy-to-use app, quick rides, affordability
Rapido – Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

4. Bounce

Bounce, established in 2014 in Bengaluru, is a dockless scooter-sharing service that allows users to rent scooters for short trips. It offers flexible rental options and a seamless booking process through its app. Bounce’s focus on sustainability and urban mobility makes it a key player in the shared mobility space.

Key FeaturesDockless rentals, flexible options, sustainability
Bounce – Top 10 Mobility Startups in India


VOGO, founded in 2016 in Bengaluru, offers a scooter rental service that allows users to rent scooters for short durations. It focuses on providing affordable, convenient, and quick transportation solutions. VOGO’s extensive network of rental points and easy-to-use app make it a go-to choice for urban commuters.

ServicesScooter rentals
Key FeaturesAffordable, convenient, extensive rental network
VOGO – Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

6. Yulu

Yulu, established in 2017 in Bengaluru, is a micro-mobility startup offering electric bicycles and scooters for short-distance travel. Yulu aims to provide eco-friendly, efficient, and affordable transportation solutions. Its app-based service and focus on sustainability have made it popular in several Indian cities.

ServicesElectric bicycles, scooters
Key FeaturesEco-friendly, app-based, affordable
Yulu – Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

7. Shuttl

Shuttl, founded in 2015 in Gurugram, provides app-based office shuttle services, offering comfortable and reliable transportation for daily commuters. Shuttl focuses on reducing traffic congestion and pollution by providing a shared mobility solution. Its user-friendly app, route optimization, and emphasis on safety have garnered a loyal customer base.

ServicesOffice shuttle services
Key FeaturesComfort, reliability, shared mobility
Shuttl – Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

Shuttl – Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

8. BluSmart

BluSmart, established in 2019 in Gurugram, is India’s first all-electric ride-hailing service. It offers zero-emission transportation options, focusing on sustainability and reducing air pollution. BluSmart’s electric fleet, professional drivers, and emphasis on eco-friendly rides make it a pioneer in green mobility.

ServicesElectric ride-hailing
Key FeaturesZero-emission, eco-friendly, professional drivers
BluSmart – Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

9. Bounce Infinity

Bounce Infinity, a subsidiary of Bounce, focuses on electric vehicle (EV) solutions. Launched in 2021 in Bengaluru, it offers electric scooters with battery-swapping technology, providing a sustainable and convenient alternative for urban mobility. Its innovative approach to EVs aims to make electric transportation accessible and efficient.

ServicesElectric scooters with battery-swapping
Key FeaturesSustainability, convenience, innovative technology
Bounce Infinity – Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

10. Quick Ride

Quick Ride, founded in 2014 in Bengaluru, is a carpooling and bike-pooling platform that connects commuters traveling on the same route. It aims to reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and travel costs by promoting shared mobility. Quick Ride’s app facilitates easy ride-sharing, making daily commutes more efficient and eco-friendly.

ServicesCarpooling, bike-pooling
Key FeaturesShared mobility, cost-effective, eco-friendly
Quick Ride – Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

FAQs about Top 10 Mobility Startups in India

Q: What is a Mobility startup?
A: A Mobility startup leverages technology to provide innovative transportation solutions, offering services such as ride-hailing, vehicle rentals, and shared mobility to improve urban transportation efficiency and sustainability.

Q: How do Mobility startups benefit commuters?
A: Mobility startups benefit commuters by offering convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly transportation options, reducing travel time, costs, and environmental impact through technology-driven solutions.

Q: Are Mobility startups regulated in India?
A: Yes, Mobility startups in India are subject to regulations and guidelines from transport authorities and government bodies to ensure safety, quality, and transparency of their services.

Q: How can I trust the quality of services offered by Mobility startups?
A: Mobility startups often adhere to industry standards, obtain necessary certifications, and partner with licensed drivers and service providers. User reviews, ratings, and feedback also help assess their credibility.


India’s Mobility startups are transforming the transportation landscape by leveraging technology to provide efficient, sustainable, and smart mobility solutions. These startups are addressing urban mobility challenges and creating opportunities for commuters across the country. As they continue to innovate and grow, the future of mobility in India looks promising, with enhanced transportation experiences and more accessible services for all.

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