Driving Change: Amitabh Kant's Call for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Overhaul

Driving Change: Amitabh Kant’s Call for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Overhaul

Driving Change: Amitabh Kant’s Call for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Overhaul Former NITI Aayog CEO and G20 sherpa Amitabh Kant has thrown his weight behind India’s electric vehicle (EV) transition, stressing the urgent need for at least one million fast chargers across the country by 2030. Kant’s call highlights the indispensable infrastructure essential for widespread EV adoption, aiming to diminish dependence on conventional fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

India has experienced a notable uptick in EV sales, with figures nearly doubling in 2023, as reported by Counterpoint Research. This year anticipates a further 66 percent growth, driven by escalating consumer interest, supportive governmental measures, and ongoing infrastructure enhancements.

Kant advocates a strategic pivot towards localized manufacturing to meet the burgeoning EV demand, particularly emphasizing megawatt-hour charging solutions tailored for buses and commercial vehicles. Through a microblogging platform, he urged EV stakeholders and startups to unite in establishing an interoperable fast-charging network, deeming it pivotal for propelling the EV movement nationwide.

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Spotlighting India’s distinction as the world’s largest exporter of two-wheelers, Kant envisages an electric mobility-dominated future. He urges domestic enterprises to seize the escalating global appetite for electric two-wheelers by prioritizing manufacturing for international markets.

Speaking at an industry event, Kant reiterated India’s automotive sector’s transformative potential, significantly contributing to the nation’s GDP, manufacturing output, and total exports. Acknowledging the sector’s strategic significance, he stresses the imperative of concerted efforts towards sustainable and technologically advanced mobility solutions.

As India steers towards a greener and more sustainable transportation paradigm, Kant’s advocacy for robust infrastructure, localized manufacturing, and collaborative industry endeavors acts as a clarion call for stakeholders to collectively propel the EV revolution. With ambitious targets and unified action, India is poised to emerge as a global front-runner in electric mobility in the foreseeable future.


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