InterGlobe Enterprises and CP Gurnani Launch AIonOS: A New Frontier in Artificial Intelligence

InterGlobe Enterprises and CP Gurnani Launch AIonOS: A New Frontier in Artificial Intelligence


InterGlobe Enterprises and former Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani have collaborated to launch ‘AIonOS,’ an AI venture aimed at revolutionizing industries through AI-driven services and data engineering. Led by Gurnani, AIonOS operates across four key business lines with a global presence and a customer-centric approach. Supported by strong financial backing, the venture seeks to drive innovation and shape the future of AI-enabled services.

InterGlobe Enterprises and CP Gurnani Launch AIonOS: A New Frontier in Artificial Intelligence

InterGlobe Enterprises, led by Group Managing Director Rahul Bhatia, has joined forces with former Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani to unveil a groundbreaking venture in the AI domain named ‘AIonOS.’ This collaboration aims to harness the transformative potential of AI across industries, offering cutting-edge services, data engineering solutions, and a robust harmonization platform.

Vision and Objectives

AIonOS sets out with a vision to revolutionize various sectors by integrating AI-driven technologies. Rahul Bhatia envisions AIonOS as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency, leveraging AI to address complex challenges and drive sustainable growth.

Leadership and Organizational Structure

Under the expert guidance of CP Gurnani as the Executive Vice-Chairman, AIonOS will operate across four distinct business lines, each under the stewardship of dedicated leaders. This structured approach ensures focused leadership and efficient management of operations.

Strong Financial Backing

With InterGlobe Enterprises as the majority shareholder, bolstered by the backing of the Assago Group, AIonOS enjoys robust financial support for its ambitious endeavors. This financial stability positions the venture for long-term success and sustainability.

Global Presence and Operational Centers

Headquartered in Singapore, AIonOS is poised for a global footprint, with plans to establish offices across North America, India, the Middle East, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Operational centers in strategic locations like NCR, Chennai, and Hyderabad ensure proximity to customers and efficient service delivery.

Customer-Centric Approach

CP Gurnani underscores AIonOS’s commitment to customer satisfaction, announcing plans to open offices in Europe and North America in the coming months. By prioritizing customer needs and feedback, AIonOS aims to deliver tailored solutions that drive value and foster long-term partnerships.

As AIonOS embarks on its journey, it signals a new era of innovation and opportunity in the AI landscape. With visionary leadership, robust financial backing, and a customer-centric approach, AIonOS is poised to make significant contributions to the evolution of artificial intelligence, shaping the future of industries worldwide.


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