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Revolutionizing Sustainability Breathe ESG’s Journey from 100X VC Pitch Day to Prominence

Revolutionizing Sustainability Breathe ESG’s Journey from 100X VC Pitch Day to Prominence In the dynamic landscape of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, Breathe ESG emerged as a trailblazer, thanks to the visionary backing it received from 100X VC. As the first institutional investor to recognize the potential within Breathe ESG, 100X VC set the stage for a transformative journey that would reshape the company’s trajectory and capture the attention of key players in the investment realm.

The pivotal moment in Breathe ESG’s evolution can be traced back to the 100X VC pitch day, an event that served as a catalyst for the company’s ascent. The pitch day not only showcased the innovative solutions that Breathe ESG brought to the sustainability table but also drew the attention of major investors who saw the intrinsic value in supporting a venture committed to environmental responsibility and ethical business practices.

Following the successful pitch day, the floodgates of investment opened for Breathe ESG. KANJ Realty Ventures and Hyderabad Angels, two prominent names in the investment landscape, were quick to recognize the potential synergy between their portfolios and Breathe ESG’s mission. Their strategic investments marked a turning point for the company, propelling it into a new phase of growth and influence.

Notable angel investors, Vipul Jain and Pradeep Lala, joined the ranks of those who saw promise in Breathe ESG’s vision. Their individual commitments underscored the broad appeal of the company’s approach, resonating not only with institutional investors but also with seasoned angels who recognized the societal and environmental impact that Breathe ESG aimed to achieve.

Breathe ESG’s unique value proposition lies in its commitment to addressing pressing environmental and social challenges through a comprehensive ESG framework. The company’s innovative solutions, coupled with its dedication to transparency and accountability, align seamlessly with the evolving expectations of investors and consumers alike.

The infusion of funds from 100X VC, KANJ Realty Ventures, Hyderabad Angels, and the notable angel investors provided Breathe ESG with the financial impetus needed to scale its operations and amplify its impact. The strategic partnerships formed as a result of these investments opened doors to new markets, allowing Breathe ESG to extend its reach and influence within the sustainability landscape.

The success story of Breathe ESG serves as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between visionary investors and innovative startups. 100X VC’s early recognition of Breathe ESG’s potential set the stage for a chain reaction of investments, creating a robust support system that enabled the company to thrive and innovate.

As Breathe ESG continues to navigate the complexities of the sustainability realm, it stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring startups and a testament to the transformative power of strategic investments. The collaborative efforts of institutional and angel investors have not only elevated Breathe ESG to new heights but have also contributed to the broader mission of fostering a more sustainable and responsible future for generations to come.


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