Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

India, with its rapidly growing population and increasing urbanization, faces significant challenges in transportation and environmental sustainability. Electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a promising solution to reduce carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Here’s a detailed look at the top 10 electric vehicle startups in India that are leading the charge towards a cleaner and sustainable future.

1. Ola Electric

FoundedSubsidiary of Ola Cabs, founded in 2017
HeadquartersBengaluru, India
ProductsOla S1, Ola S1 Pro electric scooters
Key InnovationsHigh performance, long range, smart connectivity features
Charging InfrastructurePlans for hypercharger network across India
ImpactRevolutionizing urban commuting with eco-friendly alternatives
FundingSignificant investments from SoftBank, Tiger Global, and others
Future PlansExpanding product lineup, enhancing charging infrastructure

Ola Electric-Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

Overview: Founded as a subsidiary of Ola Cabs, Ola Electric is one of India’s largest and most prominent players in the electric mobility sector.

Innovations: Ola Electric is known for its electric scooters, including the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro, which offer high performance, long range, and smart connectivity features.

Impact: The company aims to revolutionize urban commuting by providing affordable and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Expansion: Ola Electric has plans to set up a network of hyperchargers across India to support the growing adoption of electric vehicles.

2. Ather Energy

HeadquartersBengaluru, India
ProductsAther 450X, Ather 450 Plus electric scooters
Key InnovationsFast charging, intuitive ride experience, Ather Grid
ImpactPromoting electric mobility in urban areas with robust charging infrastructure
ExpansionPlans to expand to more cities, introduce new models
FundingBacked by Hero MotoCorp, Sachin Bansal, and others
Future PlansEnhancing technology, increasing market presence

Ather Energy-Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

Overview: Founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013, Ather Energy is a leading startup in the electric scooter segment.

Innovations: Ather Energy’s flagship models, the Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus, are known for their advanced technology, including fast charging capabilities and intuitive ride experiences.

Impact: Ather Energy has set up a robust charging infrastructure called Ather Grid in multiple cities, making it convenient for users to charge their vehicles.

Future Plans: The company plans to expand its presence across more cities in India and introduce new models to cater to different segments of the market.

3. Revolt Motors

HeadquartersGurugram, India
ProductsRevolt RV400, Revolt RV300 electric motorcycles
Key InnovationsAI-enabled, swappable battery technology
ImpactMaking electric motorcycles accessible and attractive to urban commuters
ExpansionIncreasing manufacturing capacity, expanding distribution network
FundingInvestments from RattanIndia Enterprises, others
Future PlansScaling production, launching new models

Revolt Motors-Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

Overview: Founded by Rahul Sharma, co-founder of Micromax, Revolt Motors aims to disrupt the two-wheeler market with electric motorcycles.

Innovations: Revolt Motors offers the Revolt RV400 and RV300, India’s first AI-enabled electric motorcycles with swappable battery technology.

Impact: The company’s innovative approach has made electric motorcycles more accessible and attractive to urban commuters and enthusiasts.

Expansion: Revolt Motors plans to expand its manufacturing capacity and distribution network to meet the growing demand for electric motorcycles in India.

4. Tata Motors Electric Mobility

FoundedEstablished automotive giant with electric variants like Tata Nexon EV
HeadquartersMumbai, India
ProductsTata Nexon EV, upcoming electric models
Key InnovationsElectric vehicles across passenger cars and commercial segments
ImpactContributing to sustainable transportation, reducing carbon footprint
ExpansionPlans to expand electric vehicle lineup, increase market share
Future PlansInnovating in electric vehicle technology, expanding customer base

Tata Motors Electric Mobility-Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

Overview: Tata Motors, one of India’s largest automotive manufacturers, has been actively investing in electric mobility solutions.

Innovations: Tata Motors offers electric variants of its popular models like the Tata Nexon EV, which combines performance with a long driving range.

Impact: The company’s entry into electric vehicles signifies a shift towards sustainable transportation and contributes to reducing India’s carbon footprint.

Future Plans: Tata Motors plans to launch more electric vehicle models across different segments, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

5. Hero Electric

HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
ProductsWide range of electric scooters for various segments
Key InnovationsAffordable, efficient electric scooters, promoting clean urban mobility
ImpactPioneer in electric two-wheeler market, reducing urban pollution
ExpansionExpanding product lineup, enhancing distribution network
FundingInvestment from Hero MotoCorp, others
Future PlansIncreasing market presence, advancing technology

Hero Electric-Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

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Overview: Hero Electric is one of the oldest and largest electric two-wheeler manufacturers in India, established in 2007.

Innovations: Hero Electric offers a wide range of electric scooters tailored for various segments, from daily commuters to commercial use.

Impact: The company has played a crucial role in promoting electric mobility in India, especially in urban areas where pollution levels are high.

Expansion: Hero Electric plans to expand its product lineup and enhance its distribution network to make electric scooters more accessible nationwide.

6. Ampere Electric

HeadquartersCoimbatore, India
ProductsZeal, Magnus, Reo series electric scooters
Key InnovationsReliable, performance-oriented electric scooters, low operating costs
ImpactProviding affordable electric mobility solutions for urban and rural commuters
ExpansionScaling manufacturing capacity, expanding dealership network
FundingInvestment from Ratan Tata, others
Future PlansIntroducing new models, increasing market penetration

Ampere Electric-Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

Overview: Ampere Electric, founded in 2008, focuses on providing affordable electric scooters and vehicles for the Indian market.

Innovations: Ampere Electric’s models include the Zeal, Magnus, and Reo series, known for their reliability, performance, and low operating costs.

Impact: The company aims to address the needs of urban and rural commuters by offering sustainable and economical transportation solutions.

Future Plans: Ampere Electric plans to scale up its manufacturing capacity and expand its dealership network to reach more customers across India.

7. Ultraviolette Automotive

HeadquartersBengaluru, India
ProductsF77 high-performance electric motorcycle
Key InnovationsSporty design, superior performance, smart features
ImpactRedefining electric motorcycle segment in India, attracting enthusiasts
ExpansionPlans to expand production capacity, introduce new models
FundingFunding from TVS Motor Company, others
Future PlansGrowing market presence, advancing electric vehicle technology

Ultraviolette Automotive-Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

Overview: Founded by Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan in 2016, Ultraviolette Automotive focuses on high-performance electric motorcycles.

Innovations: Ultraviolette’s flagship model, the F77, is known for its sporty design, superior performance, and smart features targeting enthusiasts.

Impact: The company aims to redefine the perception of electric motorcycles in India and promote sustainable mobility among young riders.

Expansion: Ultraviolette Automotive plans to expand its production capabilities and introduce more models to cater to a broader range of customers.

8. Okinawa Autotech

HeadquartersGurugram, India
ProductsRidge+, iPraise+, and other electric scooters
Key InnovationsAdvanced features, long battery life, promoting clean urban transport
ImpactContributing to cleaner air in cities, reducing dependence on fossil fuels
ExpansionIncreasing production capacity, expanding market reach
FundingInvestment from Shell Ventures, others
Future PlansLaunching new models, enhancing technology for better performance

Okinawa Autotech-Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

Overview: Okinawa Autotech specializes in electric scooters and motorcycles and is known for its affordable and efficient models.

Innovations: Okinawa’s product lineup includes popular models like the Okinawa Ridge+ and Okinawa iPraise+, offering advanced features and long battery life.

Impact: The company has contributed significantly to reducing air pollution in urban areas and promoting cleaner transportation options.

Future Plans: Okinawa Autotech plans to expand its manufacturing facilities and introduce new electric vehicle models to meet growing consumer demand.

9. Pure EV

HeadquartersHyderabad, India
ProductsEPluto 7G, ETrance Neo electric scooters
Key InnovationsRobust build quality, high performance, eco-friendly features
ImpactPromoting sustainable mobility solutions, reducing environmental impact
ExpansionExpanding product portfolio, scaling up production
FundingSupported by IIT Hyderabad, other investors
Future PlansStrengthening market presence, advancing technology

Pure EV-Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

Overview: Pure EV, founded by Rohit Vadera, focuses on manufacturing electric scooters and bicycles with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Innovations: Pure EV offers models like the EPluto 7G and ETrance Neo, known for their robust build quality, high performance, and eco-friendly features.

Impact: The company aims to promote electric mobility as a viable and sustainable alternative to conventional vehicles in India.

Expansion: Pure EV plans to expand its product portfolio and enhance its technology to cater to a diverse range of customers across the country.

10. Evolet

HeadquartersGurugram, India
ProductsPolo, Derby, Warrior electric scooters and motorcycles
Key InnovationsReliable performance, affordability, targeting diverse consumer segments
ImpactIntroducing electric mobility options to a wider audience, promoting cleaner transport
ExpansionPlans to expand product lineup, enhance distribution network
FundingInvestment from Rissala Electric Motors, others
Future PlansIncreasing market penetration, innovating in electric vehicle technology

Evolet-Top 10 Electric Vehicle Startups in india

Overview: Evolet is a relatively new player in the Indian electric vehicle market, focusing on electric scooters and motorcycles.

Innovations: Evolet offers models like the Polo, Derby, and Warrior, designed to provide reliable performance, comfort, and affordability.

Impact: The company aims to contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions in urban and rural areas.

Future Plans: Evolet plans to expand its product range and distribution network to establish a strong presence in the competitive electric vehicle market in India.

FAQs and answers tables for each of the top 10 electric vehicle startups in India:

1. Ola Electric

What does Ola Electric do?Ola Electric develops electric scooters like the Ola S1 and S1 Pro, focusing on urban mobility.
Where is Ola Electric headquartered?Bengaluru, India
What are the key features of Ola electric scooters?High performance, long range, smart connectivity features.
How is Ola Electric supporting charging infrastructure?Ola plans to establish a network of hyperchargers across India.
Who are the investors in Ola Electric?SoftBank, Tiger Global, and others have invested in Ola Electric.
What are Ola Electric’s future plans?Ola Electric aims to expand its product lineup and enhance charging infrastructure nationwide.

2. Ather Energy

When was Ather Energy founded?Ather Energy was founded in 2013.
Where is Ather Energy headquartered?Bengaluru, India
What are the main products of Ather Energy?Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus electric scooters known for their advanced technology and performance.
What is Ather Grid?Ather Grid is a robust charging infrastructure setup by Ather Energy in multiple cities.
Who has invested in Ather Energy?Hero MotoCorp, Sachin Bansal, and other investors have backed Ather Energy.
What are Ather Energy’s expansion plans?Ather Energy plans to expand to more cities in India and introduce new models.

3. Revolt Motors

When was Revolt Motors founded?Revolt Motors was founded in 2019.
Where is Revolt Motors headquartered?Gurugram, India
What are the main products of Revolt Motors?Revolt RV400 and RV300 electric motorcycles, featuring AI-enabled technology and swappable batteries.
How is Revolt Motors making electric motorcycles accessible?By offering innovative features and affordability compared to traditional motorcycles.
Who are the investors in Revolt Motors?RattanIndia Enterprises and other investors have invested in Revolt Motors.
What are Revolt Motors’ plans for growth?Revolt Motors plans to increase manufacturing capacity and expand distribution networks.

4. Tata Motors Electric Mobility

What is Tata Motors’ involvement in electric mobility?Tata Motors offers electric variants like the Tata Nexon EV in the passenger and commercial vehicle segments.
Where is Tata Motors headquartered?Mumbai, India
What are Tata Motors’ key electric vehicle models?Tata Nexon EV, with plans for expanding the EV lineup across different vehicle categories.
How is Tata Motors contributing to sustainability?By reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable transportation solutions.
Who has invested in Tata Motors Electric Mobility?Tata Group and other stakeholders have supported Tata Motors’ electric mobility initiatives.
What are Tata Motors’ future plans in electric vehicles?Tata Motors aims to innovate further in EV technology and expand its market reach globally.

5. Hero Electric

When was Hero Electric founded?Hero Electric was founded in 2007.
Where is Hero Electric headquartered?New Delhi, India
What are Hero Electric’s main products?Hero Electric offers a wide range of electric scooters catering to various customer segments.
How has Hero Electric contributed to clean urban mobility?By promoting electric two-wheelers and reducing urban pollution levels.
Who are Hero Electric’s major investors?Hero MotoCorp and other investors have supported Hero Electric’s growth in the EV sector.
What are Hero Electric’s plans for expansion?Hero Electric plans to expand its product lineup and enhance its distribution network nationwide.

6. Ampere Electric

When was Ampere Electric founded?Ampere Electric was founded in 2008.
Where is Ampere Electric headquartered?Coimbatore, India
What are Ampere Electric’s main products?Ampere offers electric scooters like Zeal, Magnus, and Reo series known for their efficiency and reliability.
How is Ampere Electric addressing urban mobility?By providing affordable and performance-oriented electric scooters for urban and rural commuters.
Who has invested in Ampere Electric?Ratan Tata and other investors have shown interest in Ampere Electric’s growth.
What are Ampere Electric’s plans for growth?Ampere Electric plans to scale up manufacturing and expand its dealership network across India.

7. Ultraviolette Automotive

When was Ultraviolette Automotive founded?Ultraviolette Automotive was founded in 2016.
Where is Ultraviolette Automotive headquartered?Bengaluru, India
What is Ultraviolette Automotive’s flagship product?F77, a high-performance electric motorcycle known for its sporty design and advanced features.
How is Ultraviolette Automotive targeting the market?By catering to enthusiasts and promoting electric motorcycles as viable alternatives to conventional bikes.
Who has invested in Ultraviolette Automotive?TVS Motor Company and other investors have supported Ultraviolette Automotive’s initiatives.
What are Ultraviolette Automotive’s future plans?Ultraviolette Automotive plans to expand production capabilities and introduce new models.

8. Okinawa Autotech

When was Okinawa Autotech founded?Okinawa Autotech was founded in 2015.
Where is Okinawa Autotech headquartered?Gurugram, India
What are Okinawa Autotech’s main products?Okinawa offers electric scooters like Ridge+, iPraise+, and others known for their advanced features.
How has Okinawa Autotech contributed to clean mobility?By promoting electric scooters and reducing emissions in urban areas.
Who has invested in Okinawa Autotech?Shell Ventures and other investors have shown confidence in Okinawa Autotech’s growth potential.
What are Okinawa Autotech’s expansion plans?Okinawa Autotech plans to increase manufacturing capacity and expand its market reach.

9. Pure EV

When was Pure EV founded?Pure EV was founded in 2016.
Where is Pure EV headquartered?Hyderabad, India
What are Pure EV’s main products?Pure EV offers electric scooters like EPluto 7G, ETrance Neo, known for their performance and eco-friendly features.
How is Pure EV promoting sustainability?By offering sustainable mobility solutions and reducing environmental impact.
Who has invested in Pure EV?IIT Hyderabad and other investors have supported Pure EV’s initiatives in the EV sector.
What are Pure EV’s plans for growth?Pure EV plans to strengthen its market presence and advance its technology for better performance.

10. Evolet

When was Evolet founded?Evolet was founded in 2019.
Where is Evolet headquartered?Gurugram, India
What are Evolet’s main products?Evolet offers electric scooters and motorcycles like Polo, Derby, and Warrior.
How is Evolet making electric vehicles accessible?By providing reliable performance, affordability, and targeting diverse consumer segments.
Who has invested in Evolet?Rissala Electric Motors and other investors have shown interest in Evolet’s growth.
What are Evolet’s plans for expansion?Evolet plans to expand its product lineup and enhance its distribution network across India.


These top 10 electric vehicle startups in India are at the forefront of innovation, driving the shift towards sustainable mobility solutions. From electric scooters and motorcycles to electric cars and high-performance motorcycles, these startups are not only revolutionizing the automotive industry but also contributing to a cleaner and greener future for India and the world. As they continue to innovate and expand, their impact on reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly transportation options is set to grow exponentially.

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